Advantages of Solar LED street street lights

Advantages of Solar LED street street lights:
1. High efficiency and energy saving are more than half of those of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps
2. Ultra-long-life semiconductor chips emit light, have no filament, no glass bubbles, are not afraid of vibration, are not easy to break, and have a service life of 50,000 hours (the service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only 1,000 hours, and that of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only 8,000 hours)
3. Green and environmental protection does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which is conducive to recycling and utilization, and will not cause electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamps contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will cause electromagnetic interference)
4. High light efficiency and low heat generation, 90% of the electric energy is converted into visible light (80% of the electric energy of ordinary incandescent lamps is converted into heat energy, and only 20% of the electric energy is converted into light energy)
5. High safety factor, less voltage and current, less heat, no potential safety hazard, and can be used in dangerous places such as mines
6. Low-voltage, DC power supply with great market potential, battery and solar power supply, which can be used in remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting and other places with power shortage and shortage.

We are professional LED street lamp manufacturer, which independently develops and produces solar street lamps, solar wind energy complementary street lamps and solar commercial power complementary street lamps. In the design-research and development-production of solar LED street lamps, it has broken through the three common problems of solar street lamps (high power, fast LED light decay, high output without power consumption), which seriously affect the cost and efficiency of street lamps. Greatly reduces the cost and prolongs the service life. Long-term after-sales service and quality assurance will further promote the popularization of solar street lamps and energy saving.
Compared with the renewable, clean and pollution-free solar energy and the environmental protection and energy saving of LED, the conventional fossil energy is becoming increasingly tense, and it will cause increasingly serious pollution and carbon dioxide emission to the environment after use. Therefore, as an emerging outdoor lighting, solar LED lighting will show us infinite vitality and broad prospects.


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