Analysis on the Causes of Solar Street ights Not Turning on in Rainy Days

First, in the initial design of solar street lights, it is necessary to consider the local solar energy resources,, climate and environment and other conditions, and reasonably configure solar street light systems. Before the continuous rainy days come, it is necessary to design the electric energy converted by the solar panels and the storage capacity of the storage battery to fully meet the local longest continuous rainy and rainy power supply to the street light source under the condition of sufficient light. In actual use, there are some manufacturers or suppliers who cannot reasonably configure solar street light systems according to local characteristics, or because their customers blindly pursue the lowest price, some suppliers have to reduce the configuration in order to promote this business, which is one of the reasons why solar street lamps sometimes don’t light up in continuous rainy days.

Second, The quality of the lamp cap of the solar street light is not good enough, and the waterproof effect of the lamp cannot be reached, and the light source is damaged after the lamp cap enters the water. In addition, nowadays, the solar street lamp generally uses LED light source, and its own quality problems will also lead to non-lighting.

Third, the solar street lamp controller is damaged. Some controllers are not properly waterproof, and continuous rainy days will come, causing water ingress and inversion damage. The charging and discharging work of solar street lamps and lighting are completed by solar street lamp controllers, and good quality solar street lamp controllers and waterproof controllers should be selected.

Fourth, line wear, open circuit, short circuit, terminal poor contact, etc. It has a great relationship with its construction quality, so professional construction personnel should be found for construction.

Fifth. Battery damage. The quality of the battery is not too hard, and as its capacity decreases, the power storage capacity cannot be reached; or the battery is not properly waterproofed, and the cabinet is damaged by water.

Sixth. According to the landscape lights, the installation position of solar street lamps is unreasonable. Some solar street lamps are installed in shaded places, resulting in insufficient power generation and long battery loss, which seriously affects the service life. Energy saving, environmental protection, economy and applicability.


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