Can solar street lights be erected on mountain roads?

Can solar street lights be erected on mountain roads?
1 No need to cover the power cord.
Solar street lights use solar energy as the power supply source, so they do not need to be covered by power lines. Solar panels absorb solar energy during the day, then store them in storage batteries, and connect lighting lights for power supply at night. Therefore, solar street lights do not need to be covered by power supply lines, which makes it possible to set street lights on mountain roads.
2. Actively turn on and off lights regularly
Each solar street lamp has an integrated circuit board, and its setting procedure is to switch the lamp regularly. The setting of this program can be adjusted according to sunset time in different seasons, without manual control. Each solar street lamp is independent, and the construction personnel only need to pay attention to the connection mode and installation mode of the solar panel. Even if the street lamp circuit is damaged occasionally, it will not affect the normal lighting of other street lights. This is also the advantage of solar street lights without laying lines.
3. Active operation, long maintenance intervals
It is a very troublesome thing to go into the mountains frequently for street lamp line maintenance. However, each solar street lamp is independent, which makes the lighting of other street lights not affected even if there are occasional problems with solar street lights. Therefore, the maintenance interval of the solar street lamp is prolonged, and there is no need to go up the mountain alone to repair the solar street lamp.