Difference between solar street lights and traditional street lights

Main features: Solar street lights are powered by high-efficiency single-crystal (polycrystalline) silicon solar cells, maintenance-free sealed batteries store electric energy, high-efficiency low-voltage solar energy-saving lights are used for lighting, and advanced charge-discharge control circuits are used, which are characterized by reliable performance, high luminous efficiency and convenient installation. There is no need for laying cables and wires, no need for line control, saving electric energy and electricity, using DC low-voltage power supply, photosensitive control, safety, reliability, energy saving, economy, environmental protection, practicality, and long service life (solar cells can be used for more than 20 years and storage batteries for 3-5 years). According to the configuration, model, lighting conditions and service time, solar street lights can be fully charged for 3-7 days. Solar street lights are green energy products that are strongly advocated and utilized in today’s society. It is mainly used for lighting and lighting decoration of urban roads, residential roads, industrial parks, green belts, squares, pedestrian streets, fitness and leisure squares and other places. With the increasing scarcity of earth resources, the investment cost of basic energy is rising day by day, and all kinds of safety and pollution hazards are everywhere. As a kind of “inexhaustible” safe and environmentally friendly new energy, solar energy has been paid more and more attention. In this way, solar lighting products emerge as the times require. Here, we make a practical comparison between the effects of solar street lights and electric street lights.
We can draw the following six basic conclusions:
1. As far as the product itself is concerned, the cost of solar lights is higher than that of ordinary lights;
2. If the costs incurred in the whole construction process are taken into account, the initial investment of installing solar lights is slightly higher than that of ordinary lights.
3. The larger the scale, the higher the related costs of ordinary lights and lanterns installation, and its initial investment will be higher than that of solar lights and lanterns;
4. In terms of operating cost, ordinary lights and lanterns are obviously higher than solar lights and lanterns, and will be higher and higher (electricity, labor
5. The safety of solar lights is very high, and there will be no potential safety hazard like ordinary electric lights.
6. Social benefit analysis:
It is certainly a good thing that a technology or a product has economic benefits, but its vitality is directly related to whether it is suitable for social development and has social benefits beyond other products. The emergence of solar energy technology and products meets the needs of social development, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the social benefits brought by it are unmatched by ordinary products. The service life of solar energy lights is much longer than that of ordinary electric lights, such as the service life of the main components of solar energy lights-solar cell modules is more than 20 years; The LED life is 80000 hours; The life of special solar lead-acid battery is 5 years.
Although the construction of ordinary street lights has solved the employment of some people and the development of supporting enterprises, it has caused a great deal of waste of resources: waste of human resources, waste of electric power resources, waste of metal resources, environmental pollution, and then air and water pollution, human life and living space, etc.

Type Solar street light Electric street light
Install When installing solar street lights, there is no need to lay complicated lines, just make a cement base and fix it with stainless steel screws. There are complicated operating procedures in the power lighting project. First, cables must be laid. Here, a large number of basic works such as excavation of cable trenches, laying of concealed pipes, threading in the pipes, and backfilling must be carried out. Then carry out a long-term installation and debugging, if any of the lines has a problem, a large area of rework is required. Moreover, the terrain and lines require complex, labor and auxiliary materials are expensive.
cost Solar street lights are free of electricity charges: Solar lighting fixtures are a one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, and the investment costs can be recovered in three to five years, and long-term benefits. High electricity costs for electric street lights: There are fixed and high electricity costs in the work of electric lighting fixtures, and it is necessary to maintain or replace lines and other configurations for a long time, and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year.
Safety Solar street lights have no safety hazards: solar lights are 12V, 24V ultra-low voltage products, and they are safe and reliable in operation. Green and environmental protection can add new selling points to the development and promotion of the noble ecological community; it can continuously reduce the cost of property management and reduce the cost of the public share of the owners. Electric street lamps have potential safety hazards: electricity; power lighting lamps bring many safety hazards due to construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and electricity pipelines.
comprehensive The inherent characteristics of solar lighting, such as safety, no hidden dangers, energy saving, no consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance-free, will directly bring obvious advantages for real estate sales and municipal engineering construction.