Solar street light installation skills

Today, with the continuous development of modern science and technology, solar street lights are widely used in many fields. Solar photovoltaic lighting technology is also developing in rural road construction. Solar street lights are widely used in rural lighting. With the increasing application of solar street lights in rural road construction, many problems have arisen during the installation of solar street lights, and it is very important to deal with the installation problems. Today, the editor will take everyone to learn the installation skills of solar street lights.

1. Basic installation method

In order to ensure that the solar battery capacity is used to a better extent, after the street lamp is installed, the controller should be connected but not the load, and the load should be connected every day to ensure that the solar battery can be used for long-term lighting in the future.

2. Correct the angle deviation of the solar panel

Pay attention to the angle of the solar panel during the installation of multi-cun solar street lights. If the deviation will affect the charging of the solar street lights, it will also affect the voltage of the solar panel, which will lead to large errors when the solar street lights are turned on. Therefore, they should be adjusted when the street lights are assembled. The azimuth of the solar panel.

3. Use wires to comply with regulations

That is to say, in the solar street lamp wiring, the installation should choose a good copper core wire installation, which is to ensure the high quality of the wire. In the process of use, the solar electrical conductivity itself may cause problems in the work of solar street lights, that is to say, the current and voltage of solar street lights will be lost during the power output process, and this situation will increase the power consumption of solar street lights. , In extremely serious cases, it may also cause the driving power supply of the solar street light itself to fail to work, which may cause malfunctions.

Therefore, it can be said that in the process of installing solar street lights in multiple villages, solar panels and wiring are the focus of attention. Only these have been noticed. オ can make solar street lights use for a long time, so that they can exert greater social and economic benefits. .

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