Solar street lights don’t light up in rainy days?

Some customers often call our LED Solar Light, why do they always use solar street lights, but after a few rainy days, they find that the street lights don’t light up. Is it because the solar street lights can’t be drenched by rain?and can’t be exposed to rain? Is it easy to get into the rain?
In fact, customers don’t have to worry about this at all. As an outdoor street light, solar street light can’t be afraid of seeing water. However, it takes too long to meet rainy days, and the solar battery can’t accept the continuous charging of the sun, so there is not enough energy to provide the electric energy it needs to light up.As long as the electric energy needed to light the lamp is suitable and the sun appears in the sky, the solar battery is fully charged and can be used again.

The probability of street lights not lighting due to rainy weather is relatively small. Therefore, when customers purchase solar street lamps, manufacturers will reasonably match them according to customers’ needs. The general configuration can resist rainy days for 5-7 days. Solar street lights will light on their own according to whether it is dark or dawn. As long as the time is set at the beginning, the solar street lights can be controlled by the controller to light for several hours. Sometimes weather changes are beyond our control. If solar street lights are to be installed in areas where rainy weather lasts for a long time, customers are advised to ask manufacturers to match reasonable street lamp schemes according to actual conditions.