Why solar lights can not be widely used?

1. The cost of solar street lights is high, usually a solar street light is four to five times the cost of a street lamp of the same specification.
2. The inadequate technology of solar photovoltaic panels and storage batteries has led to low energy efficiency, greatly reduced utilization rate and high failure rate.
3. It is very inconvenient to repair after the failure, or replace the photovoltaic panel or battery.
4. The sunshine in many areas of our country is not the use of solar street lights
5. The most important point is that the illuminance of solar street lights is far from reaching the requirements in the “Urban Road Lighting Design Code”. If it is to meet the requirements in the specification, its cost is too high.
Therefore, in summary, it is determined that solar street lights can only be used for auxiliary lighting and landscape lighting in our country, and the face and performance projects of local leaders are generally still a price issue.
High overall cost. Only suitable for places requiring low illumination levels, inconvenient power supply, short lighting times and low lighting requirements.